VIDEO: How We Do It, Part 4: Lab, Quality & Gas Chromatography

VIDEO: How We Do It, Part 4: Lab, Quality & Gas Chromatography

August 04, 2016

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A sample from each drum is taken as summer harvest ends that is “shot” through our GC (Gas Chromatography machine). This gives us composition data for all of our inventory. Later, depending on customer needs and which product they need, we take small samples from selected drums, mix them in the lab then shoot this through the GC. When this sample matches customer specifications we can go ahead and “blend”, unless a customer prefers a pre-shipment sample first. In this case we send off a sample to the customer for their review and approval. Once the customer accepts a sample we go ahead and plan production, timing it based on when product needs to be delivered to them.

This transparency means everything we do is customer focused and ensures a consistent quality product for our customers each and every year, and they really enjoy that!

Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks for watching!

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