VIDEO: How We Do It, Part 3: Transport & Distillation

VIDEO: How We Do It, Part 3: Transport & Distillation

July 25, 2016

Follow the link below to watch this brief video on YouTube of Part 3 that continues our mini-series showing how we produce our essential oils...

Wagons filled with chopped plant material are immediately transported from the field to one of our three distillation facilities. Steam, connected to the wagons via hoses, begins to break down the plant material. After a while “break through” occurs; this is where there’s enough steam in the wagon that it comes out of the top carrying the essential oil through pipes down into condensers. After the steam cools down it flows with the oil into receiving cans where the oil separates out and floats on top of the water. The oil is then de-cantered off into drums where a unique barcode label is attached to each drum. This traceability system serves inventory and food safety needs for us and our customers.

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