Video: Essential Oils Production, Part 1

Video: Essential Oils Production, Part 1

July 05, 2016

Video: series of short “How We Do it” films

Lots of folks ask us “can we come visit during harvest?”, we say “Yes!”.

So many people love what farming is, there’s a wholesomeness and honesty about it that is very appealing. At SunWest Ingredients we’ve taken that and added to it by following through beyond harvest and production to serving our customers’ needs.

Being located way out in the Western United States we’re kind of a long trip for most people. So in celebration of harvest that’s just beginning and so people can see, we will be releasing a series of short videos through this summer that shows the process that delivers the best essential oils available on the market.

First step in this process is “Flyover & Inspect”. Follow this link to view it in YouTube:

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