'Ol Smokey

'Ol Smokey

September 18, 2015

You may have seen a photo or two of ‘Ol Smokey while looking around our website. If you missed him, here’s the story…

Jim St. Hilaire started farming in the Lower Yakima Valley in 1954 with just 10 acres. Jim worked hard and grew his farm, which meant as time went on he had to improve and update his equipment. One of his first expansion purchases was buying a John Deere General Purpose Model-B tractor. It doesn’t look like much now compared the comfortable air conditioned and hi-tech equipment we have nowadays, but ‘Ol Smokey was a leap forward for Jim at the time and enabled him to keep farming and growing.

‘Ol Smokey was a faithful little tractor, year after year working the fields, looking after the land and helping Jim grow his crops. He even helped Jim’s kids learn how drive and work hard and smart through spring plantings and summer harvests. But like the rest of us ‘Ol Smokey got a little tired of all that work. Even though he loved being outside working with Jim and the kids he knew it was time to just sit back, relax and enjoy his favorite view of Mt. Adams.

Cheers ‘Ol Smokey, that was a job well done.

The End.

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