Lavandin Grosso - essential oil in the flowers

Lavandin Grosso - essential oil in the flowers

July 01, 2015

American Lavandin Grosso!

Lavandin Grosso (lavandula x intermedia) is a hardy plant that grows quite large. Our fields are disease free and produce a wonderfully balanced essential oil. Oil of Lavandin grosso naturally contains linalool, linalyl acetate and camphor. It is used in all kinds of personal care items such soaps, detergents, lotions etc.

As with any of our crops, timing is everything! Here’s our president, Carl St. Hilaire, one late afternoon in July walking through a field taking a closer look. Most of the oil is here in the delicate purple flowers near the top of the stem, and it’s crucial to cut it at the right time. It’s a vivid blanket of purple color, and along with all the bees we love it! This field will soon be ready for harvest!

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