Green Seed Dill Weed!

Green Seed Dill Weed!

June 23, 2015

This is more like it! Spring is definitely gone and we’re in the heat of summer! The yellow flower stage is passed and the dill weed is so thick and tall that we can no longer move the wheel lines (for irrigation) through the fields! At full height it can be anywhere from 4’ (1.22m) to 6’ (1.83m) and is extremely difficult to walk through!

Most of the oil is in the seed and as you can see from this photo this plant is full and healthy! It’s not quite ready to go yet, we want some of the field to start turning brown (the “bronzing stage” as we call it) before we hit “Go!”

We will post another photo soon that will show the dill weed at the ripe stage of brown/bronze just right around harvest time.

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