Dill Weed... green tops to yellow flowers. June 2016.

June 27, 2016

As with all plants, dill weed goes through a maturity process as it grows. Its main purpose in life is to re-produce, it doesn’t know we’re going to harvest it for its oil, and we watch it closely to time our harvest to extract great essential oil.

I tried taking these two photos near the same spot so you can see how it’s changed; in between two dill fields located next to each other. There’s only three weeks between when these two photos were taken. Hopefully the dramatic color difference comes through in these images, but standing in the middle of Mother Nature its really cool to see.

In the first image the dill is mostly green and immature. The second photo it’s gained some height, is filling out and the top of the plant is now covered in bright yellow flowers. Standing out here in these quiet country fields all you can hear is the constant buzz of insects working hard to get their share of the dill pollen.

Next stage: the flowers close up to develop the seed, this is where a lot of the oil is located. Another week or two and we will begin harvest!

Green dill weed
Yellow flower dill weed

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