Dill Weed - Bronze & Go!!

Dill Weed - Bronze & Go!!

July 02, 2015

Dill Weed harvest is starting!

Usually mid-July is the start of harvest; fields are mostly green with some bronzing happening. Depending on the maturity of each field we will select which ones to start the cut and windrow step first.

With some fields the edges are ready to go first, so we will harvest the perimeter of one field then continue on to another, returning to the first field a few days later, depending on when the rest of it is ready to go.

This close-up photo is a good example of bronzing dill weed heads with some greener plants in the background. Lower down and further into a field you might come across some slower maturing heads and plants, this is where we might choose to only cut and windrow the edge first then come back a few days later.

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